Pangarchulla Peak Trek

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Pangarchulla Peak Trek via Kuari Pass

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Trek Overview

This scenic Pangarchulla Peak trek via Kuari Pass route begins with hiking from Joshimath in Chamoli district in Garhwal Himalayas to its peak standing at an altitude of 3650 m. Following this is a trek to Pangarchula peak which is challenging to state the least navigating through deep snowy terrains, bouldering rocks and steep slopes. Upon reaching the peak of Kuari, marvel at the awe-striking peaks and passes along with the confluence of several rivers, gorgeous forests and sprawling meadows, also known as ‘Bugyals’. 

If lucky, one also gets to spot footprints of either the Himalayan Bear or Leopard. Apart from the Kuari Pass trekking, the exciting climb up to the summit of Pangarchula Peak at 4700 m is quite a moderate trek. For those unwilling to participate in this trek, there is the Mini Pangarchula Peak trek at 4200 m or one can even relax at the base camp. At the peak of Pangarchula, enjoy the pleasurable sights of scintillating peaks and its environs. In addition to that, one also gets to stay in the cosy Eco Lodge in Auli. Make your way through some of the most amazing views of the region with the snow-capped mountains and the beckoning valleys.


IDEAL SEASON – May, June, Sep, Oct, Jan, Feb


Trek Itinerary


Morning after breakfast drive from joshimath to Auli then trek up hill to tali 8 km. Over night stay and dinner in camp. Altitude 3100 mt.

DAY 2 –

Morning after breakfast trek to khulara 4-5 km. Today will provide hot lunch in camp. over night stay and food in camp at khulara . altitude 3300 mt.


DAY 3 –

Trek up hill to Kuari pass 4 km .and back to same place.

DAY 4 –

Early morning at 430 trek to pangar chulla peak at 4600 mt. Then trek back to same camp side at khulara.

DAY 5 –

trek down hill to dhak village 10 km. Then drive to joshimath over night stay in hotel.

Trek ends here. Next morning you can leave to your destination with a peaceful mind and loving memories.

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